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Give the finest touch to your books with Sunny Print

Sunny Print is top-class manufacturing organization specializing in quality book printing in China. They can produce numerous variety of printing on books. When it comes to book printing first names comes to people’s mind is only Sunny print due to its high standard.

With all the new laws and controls you need a printer that meets or beats these strategies. This is the place PRC emerges from its rivals. There are many sorts of printing stuff they deliver. From kids’ hardcover books, kids’ soft cover books, Board books, hardcover books, picture books and pop-up books.etc. If you want to know about the company, you should visit the company website.
All the printing material they product are durable and long-lasting. The Sunny print company has a unique option that is side sewing which offers a lay flat read. It also offers a special lamination which makes the cover of the book lay flat. Companies are more concerned about bending when it comes to children book printing in China and the company produces quality products considering bending because it has been working for several years in the industry. The company use extra glue for more durability when it prints children books. It has more options to make the kids’ books stronger with sewing.

Children’s board books are delivered broadly in the business; mainly because they are more strong then the seat join and immaculate bound books. The little hands of a kid in some cases have tribulations turning a thinner paper stock. Utilizing board book printing the thick pages make it easier while turning the pages, alongside the tearing issues that can emerge. The strength for board books is a hot deal. These kinds of books are incredible for kids ages new destined to age 4.

We print using state-of-the-art web and sheet fed presses – all with direct-to-plate technology.
With a range of presses, 3D and bindery equipment,  and in-house graphic designers.  Sunny Print is able to serve a broad range of commercial printing and manufacturing needs. Additionally, our factory is an ISO certified and we are an FSC China Printing Company. Please get in touch with us today or request a free quote today.


Sunny Print, Inc., was established in 2006 in China.It’s our custom book printing capabilities that sets us apart. Sunny Print offers printing services for authors and publishers. Our list includes clients from all over the world.

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